These diseases would often Strike Children while still a toddler. So Do Not Panic, Identify The Characteristics And Way Of Handling Mother

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In childhood it is the period in which the Dianya disease-prone because its immune system has not yet happened with the premium. Because the newly prepared immune system will also manifest time Memijak age 5 …

Outside their environmental aspects they also affect children exposed to the disease, such as cigarette smoke or exposure to germs and bacteria that can be touched by it. Therefore, we need to stay on hold, as well as understand what are some of the diseases that can hit children while they were still young children.

Fever, when this happens to know the cause so that the mother can give the proper handling
When the body temperature of the little more than a normal state, it means the center if he rushes, fevers in children especially when they could be due to the large number of child appearances. It can be simply because natural dehydration, fatigue after playing, dentition or so the responses of your time completed immunization.

First aid we can do is by giving him the fevers that reduce drugs, because a very high fever can lead to convulsions in children. But if the little one had had a seizure and the heat of history could not go down despite giving Febrifuge, we can immediately take him to the doctor to avoid the undesirable answer.

Cough, if small does not recover in time 2-3 day soon bring Doctor !
Cough is the most common cause facing a child who is cold, or opportunities also known for upper respiratory (respiratory) infections. or due to the air around the neighbourhood, the dust from the outside or the smoke without intention already inhaled by the child to the Pernapasannya channels as well as the Menyebabnya waste to cough.

When the sign of a cough that does not feel recovered the period of 2-3 days, we must take it to a doctor to take the medication as needed. After that, the mother should pay attention to the consumption of nutrients that are received, as well as the state of the air around the neighborhood.

Not only attacking adults, the flu can also invade the child
Some of the great flu attacks to small children some large due to a virus of which there are several hundred, often followed by a drip, unobstructed and often along with a cough and fever. With the exception of the viruses, the flu can also be due to the bacteria that coupled a fever in children.

The fluid that comes out of the nose children often make your breathing blocked we can give you a runny nose or suck the liquid that was in your nose with a special tool to help you be able to breathe without anyone feeling full because of the G Ripe swine because the liquid in its nature.

Diarrhea in children can be caused by a bacterial infection or food allergy
The disease is caused by a bacterial infection or virus or the child has an allergy to specific foods and medications. When the children were faced with chapter frequencies so often and their stool was more diluted (aqueous), it means that it is natural diarrhea.

The disease is not at risk if we can protect the suitability of drinking fluids and children’s nutrition. Diarrhea usually only results in dehydration slightly as a slightly dry mouth, thirst, and often decreases in urine. When the diarrhea he felt failed to improve the good more than 24 hours we took a child to a pediatrician.

Measles is marked by red spots on all parts of your body
The measles virus or disease is usually followed with the advent of red dots in the child’s body on all sides. First, the child also naturally high fever that above is down and even accompanied sometimes by diarrhea first, ultimately red stains will also attack the body of the small, when it has been out all of its fever would also fade down by itself Same.

Stains on the length of the body usually also dried up and the black disappeared. To cope with the measles signal in front of our children can give you febrifuge benefits of body temperature Menyetabilkan, but if your condition shows no signs of better after giving the drugs so we had to take it to the hospital Selekasnya or the Nearest doctor.

Chickenpox usually experienced by children under 10 years of age
The disease typically faced by children under 10 years of age. It had a distinctive sign that we can see the shape of the red dots on the child’s body for the day and then go so some potholes full of water spread throughout the body and cause itching does will also be so dry and koreng and so will also peel the 7-14 day.

The special treatment we can do that is to reduce your brand with Memoleskan cream to help reduce itching. If the child is also a natural fever-lowering the drugs give fever. The administration of the vaccine will also be able to prevent the attack of chickenpox in an efficient way. Other things we need to know is a varicella virus is so easy to spread, so we should be convinced if the little one has been completely restored so that he will be allowed to leave the residence.

So that the children could not experience the cavities teach him to take care of his bun teeth!
This type of thing is usually due to some routines that have not yet been viable more regularly, as it has entered a period in which you can already monkonsumsi many of the type foods, but however, you can also clean your teeth properly. or liked the consumption of chocolate, as well as other sweet foods with too much excess, drink milk of the teat to fall asleep this type of things that are several aspects that often affect the cavities in the children.

Therefore we can help you to avoid so that your teeth were not perforated with an eye on the Dikonsumsinya meal as well as routines that often she was working on. Need to teach the children to general clean their teeth after breakfast in the morning and night before going to bed. In addition to working on the control team for it also for a minimum of 6 months.

Intestinal worms, obviously they cannot be underestimated, because if left uncompared can lead to malnutrition and iron, as well as a decrease in body weight.
Intestinal worms due to parasitic worms that live in the colon and intestine. Maggots can survive because obtaining nutrients from the blood in the walls of the intestines absorb, as well as the nutrients that children consume, as well as in adults. Usually a sample of intestinal worms in children this is followed by a shrinking appetite, emaciated, faint and often even nausea vomiting.

We must also pay attention to what is consumed by children, as well as where the general game, and gives an understanding of the need to protect their own hygiene so that regardless of the various bacteria and germs that can invite a sign of worms Intestinal. Because if you ignore or leave out of treatment, intestinal worms in children can lead to malnutrition, iron deficiency, decreased body weight, and light will also affect physical health.

When your child’s convulsions, it’s important to remain a quiet mother
Although not yet in the knowledge also the cause of the seizure, but this sign commonly associated with specific health circumstances that children face, such as high fever or epilepsy. Genetic aspects also affect the occurrence of seizures in children. One in four children has fever convulsions a natural history of family members who had natural circumstances are the same.

Therefore, the things we can do to address and overcome the tension that children face remain calm. Do not restrain the movement of perceived convulsions, as well as try to meletakknya a safe level like a carpet on the floor and stay away from it to give any medicine in your mouth when you started to convulse. Moreover, we do not need to be very anxious when he felt that the spasms remain within the limits of the common.

Allergies, to manage it avoid the heart of fruit of things can trigger affected by allergies
And more recently, that is to say, the allergy in children who could have attacked him without realizing it, does not know because of food, drink or climatic conditions is not really public he received. It can also be due to genetic aspects, in fact, it has an allergy in some specific issues, for example, the father can’t swallow the eggs, so this kind of thing also faces our children. We must monitor each of the changes that take place will also be Dianya, as well as convincing if it is apart from some things that can trigger attacked an allergy.

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