Planning to take your kids exercise to the gym, this rule

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Children are indeed still exploring want to try everything, including sports. If children, including those who still like to try new things, why not sign up for the fitness Center (gym)? The choice, the gym can provide events and classes for kids, or kids gym special. The available assortment of exercise program that could follow, so it does not get bored quickly.

Adult gym classes in any type of exercise this one very many devotees. Dancing is indeed a fun way to practice aerobics. A wide variety of dance classes could be a way to burn fat and improve your cardio strength, ranging from Bellydance, Zumba, Hiphop, ‘, Body, to salsa.

One that can be followed is Zumba. Designed by Alberto Perez Origine Colombia, Zumba is an aerobic dance at the same time. The choreography consists of a wide variety of Latin dances such as samba, Soca, salsa, merengue, Mambo, there is also hip-hop and elements of martial art, follow the Zumba class so that it feels like dancing in a party, not just the sport , that’s why the dance workout This one is a hit in the whole world.

She cried again, Zumba has classes specially designed for children. His choreography is easier to follow his movements and the little one was not “sensual” as an adult Zumba class. Music Rehearsal The attendant also selected the Beat and the lyrics are suitable for children.

Zumba Kids Class is intended for children aged 7-11 years while Zumba Junior kids at the base who are 4-6 years old. In fact, there are now Zumbini programs, namely the Zumba class for children of 0-3 years to dance with Mama or Papanya.

In addition to the Zumba Dance class, the keen interest of children is hiphop. Children, especially at school age, usually liked things that are cool or cool, hip hop and admission criteria to dance.

Music accompanist energetic Hip hop, up-tempo, and movement Tariannya make children move through the body. Sure Justin Timberlake noticed adorable little you Sway.

Rather than just creating a mom and Dad, yoga exercises are also many advantages creating a child, LHO. In fi Sik, the practice of enriching yoga improves the flexibility, balance, gestures of the coordinating body and muscular strength. Mentally, yoga can help improve concentration as well as help children cope with stress and emotional conditions are difficult.

The practice of meditation in the yoga class helps children learn to calm down. In addition, yoga classes for children, many using history so that imagination and creativity in development.

In contrast to the serious and quiet adult yoga classes, yoga classes for children designed to be fun and simple. For example, the instructor will use imaginative stories such as “Invites” children to the zoo or jungle and meet the animals.

All “travels” they make yoga poses in accordance with the animals and plants that are found, such as laying Cobra, posing, tree laying, bear, etc. The duration of each pose is also much shorter than the adult yoga classes, it must adapt to the child’s attention span and avoid boredom in children.

Some gyms organize yoga classes for children and parents. So you could do the liaison activity while working together. Funny, isn’t it?

Your child laughs while rolling on the rug trying a Salto? Screaming forward and back shaking exclamation jumped from the couch to the carpet? Love hung on the branches of a tree in the courtyard?

And you always yell to tell her to stop because she fell and got hurt? So why not take a gym class to try out at the gym? Equipped with equipment to maintain safety and prevent injury to the child, it can roll, jump, tumble, swing, suspended under the supervision of professional instructors. Even children aged 1-2 years began to take gymnastics classes.

Gymnastic exercise for children in gymnastics of course different from gymnastic-style exercise athletes. Gymnastics classes in general, the program has created a light and fun for the small, designed to develop the coordination of gestures, balance, flexibility and motor capacity of the rough and fine automobile.

TRX is a type of exercise that, in principle, makes use of gravity and weighs the body itself to form strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Originally designed by members of the Navy Seals who need the compact FI Sik multi-functional exercise tool yet so easy to carry around in every engagement and do not require a large room for exercise.

On the development of the next, Trx so popular in the fitness industry and good practices is used by professional athletes as well as by those who simply want to maintain physical fitness and body shaping.

Trx exercises can be done by anyone: old, young, athletes, ordinary people, housewives, anyone with any level of fitness! Can practice individually with the coach or do a group exercise. TRX Child adjustment exercises do because its load is the weight of the body itself, so as not to risk disrupting the growth of its bones. If the child concerned, make sure that it is accompanied by training techniques of certified instructors, so right at the same time avoid injuries.

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