Overcoming Constipation Post-birth Tips

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Overcoming Constipation Post-birth Tips

Constipation can be such a serious problem enough, the first time you feel during pregnancy, as well as wait if all will also be better (or at least back as a general) your baby’s birth time at the end. When lately you don’t defecate often, there are many things that aspects influence the problem you face.

In the first place, some external aspects could take sides in less had their disposition. The medicine you receive to reduce the pain of childbirth can be just a thing like a shot (if you don’t have that drug use, the abdominal movement will also return to normal with Selekasnya). Or, if you are still breastfeeding, you can just be vitamin consumption to still remain before the actual delivery, can also lead to constipation. (Stop consuming vitamins which is certainly not the thing that is recommended for you working on.) You can replace the vitamins generally that you consume with the same unlike the vitamin formula that will not result in constipation, this type of thing can ask the doctor for the general public to visit.

The second thing that could result in constipation is if you are really anxious for remaining sutures both the perineum or Caesar. If you get some stitches from a vaginal birth or with Cesar, Ambeien Ataupula When you have, you will definitely also alert Sangen time to make impulse time bowel movements. This topic can really lead to constipation. When you feel only common pain you can hold to avoid the pain. Try Sebisa-Bisanya to feel relaxed. Suturing The vagina is not released or torn just because its natural motion system in the stomach. Beyond that, the points in his surgery room cesarar are also torn not only because the same arguments. When Ambeien is to say that you experienced, remedy for Memperingannya you can get in a pharmacy is the closest.

The third argument is to say, because your digestive tract is completely clogged, which usually lasts because everything that happens in your digestive system (and the different systems in the body). You can try to try to diet tips below to restore everything as the start one more time.

Carbohydrate Guide. This is in all grains have a high fiber (hopefully only) your Gemari time you need them, like whole grain cereals, breads, brown rice, all made of rice, oats, and flaxseed as well.
Try to dry. You can start consuming raisins, figs, dried apricots, and one that the generally favored parents, plums (which is currently in the knowledge by some geriatric experts such as “dry plums).” Mix the dried fruits with walnuts to get the Omega 3 plus intake and add a good muscle strength to cope with constipation.
Make sure everything’s fresh. Konsumsilah crispy fresh fruits and vegetables and has a rough texture. You can also ingest the shell when possible. Konsumsilah all that food with raw or made 1/2 cook course (which nutrients must remain brittle its time menggigitnya).
Olive oil. It can be done by giving some olive oil above the fish or chicken which, however as well as the pasta.
Lots of booze. To handle the obstruction, be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Most women already find whether a glass of warm water that mixes with lemon can make the smooth channels that hinder (try early in the morning). Vegetable and fruit juice can also help address this problem, especially plums.
Multiply consuming foods with fiber. When all the steps have been described above no one succeeded (or working with a period of time should be fast enough), you have to start thinking for the consumption of the supplement with a high fiber content. By giving some wheat bran and/or psyllium you can provide what you need with respect to your natural digestive problems (they don’t do too much, as well as the excess food consumption makes Ingat-Ingatlah berkalsium century simultaneous time because) It can result in poor absorption of minerals for bone formation.)
Whatever diet tips you use, you should be convinced that you also do some sports. When sports are also less helpful, it can be better when you make a deep consultation with the common Doktem. The Doctor also prescribes can be simply the destroyer of dirt and/or laxative which is safe for you.

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