How to care for baby twins with fun

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baby twins with fun

Happy are the ones who granted the baby twins apart because not everyone can get twin babies experience in caring for the baby twins is fabulous. Task as twins parents will increase twice, though when you can enjoy it, then it will be fun.

Caring for baby twins needs the grooming mentally, physically and financially well even so if you can already prepare for the far days before your birth so you can be more familiar. One of these when you prepare baby equipment where you and your spouse should be able to begin a commitment to share tasks and prepare financially much more than having a baby.

In caring for the baby twins most of you and your husband need help from third parties like a babysitter. Although you have a nanny, but that does not mean that all assignments are submitted to a babysitter, but you and your husband have an important role to take care of it.

Here are some ways to take care of the baby twins:

1. Bathing

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An activity that often makes Mom’s annoyances is when her baby bathes especially when her baby should be washed together. At the age of your baby 0-6 months your body is still vulnerable, so you should bathe in laps. You can ask a third party with a means of bathing your child one by one at least one third person can help support your child. Then if your child can already sit down properly, then you can bathe them with the same.

2. Change clothes

Activities do not come out of your child’s habits during your baby changing your shirt and pants. Make sure that your washing before you have had your baby’s supplies can be prepared from cosmetics and baby clothes. Don’t forget to provide towels, the supplies are brought near you Mempermudahkan first when your baby frequently sulky. It is necessary to remember that the twins do not have to be identical with the same clothes.

3. Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is highly recommended, especially the exclusive baby up to the age of 6 months. You should use breastfeeding management is good for getting breast milk is good. If necessary, you can prepare milking breastmilk administered at any time. If possible you can use the comfortable rocker arm so it does in the process of providing breast milk in your baby. You can put the 2 piece pillow on helping to hold up your baby’s body you can then adjust the position to suit your needs.

4. Supplementary feeding of breast milk

At the age of 6 months you can already give the food companion so for your child so in feeding at the same time you can prepare on each dish so you can see the portions of your child’s meal. You can give food alternatively if you get upset you can ask for help from a third party to feed your child. Things you should remember that try to give a fun meal so they can eat with gusto.

5. The Stroller

Tools that can help you in caring for baby twins to know stroller so you’re not complicated with mengendong your baby. With the help of stroller so you can carry more easily to where your child goes. When you prefer a stroller then you can use the types of the tandem stroller i.e. they have the front and rear line seat or side by side IE sitting face to face. This type of stroller is preferably adapted to your needs and also comforts the baby.

Therefore for those of you who will be caring for baby twins should be able to set a time to not bother especially for parents who have the double-air role of the outdoors so that mothers often feel fatigued and discomfort in the C Are of the children who. If you can already adjust to domain, then you will be familiar.

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