Children today are addicted to gadgets, here are 10 ways to eliminate children addicted to gadgets

Wednesday, October 18th 2017. | parenting

The current gadget is an object that cannot be separated from daily activities. How? Everything that goes gadgets always takes, whatever it is that is always accessible with gadgets.

So no wonder if today’s kids also started to know the name of this gadget. Not only that, but a lot of kids who are already addicted to using gadgets for various things.

eliminate children addicted to gadgets

In fact, basically children can be introduced into the gadget, but certainly not excessive and not too much to know. It is not good for the development of the thinking of the children who go forward, as if it would be difficult to addiction regardless.

Many things that are actually learned for children from gadgets, such as memorizing sentences, songs for kids, modern play for children, and another train in order to know the new technologies as well as not clueless about computers.

However, parents need to know that in these gadgets there are negative things that of course is not good if the child is left alone too long playing gadget. Especially if she has been addicted, it will become more and more difficult to overcome because the gadget is already a friend to him.

If you have a child who has experienced addiction to gadgets, then not only remain silent, but find a way or a guide to remove it. Because it is not very good for the progress of the child’s way of thinking.

Although we know that the child is an asset that must be preserved because it is a treasure of the Lord. For those of you who may be experiencing the problem of children who are addicted to gadgets, then the following are tips to get rid of the addiction.

10 ways to eliminate children addicted to gadgets
If a child is already beginning to be addicted to gadgets it will affect negatively because wherever he went, it certainly cannot be separated from the gadget, even eating can be brought. Also, because the gadget play Asiknya then the kids will forget to study, hang out with friends, and go lazy to go to school.

Why not? In gadgets there are many things that make your child feel welcome, especially if it has been a lot of exciting games, they sure prefer to sit at home playing gadget. Of course you don’t want to get stressed because your son addicted to gadgets, don’t you? Then do the following tips.

1. Give time restrictions to the child
You can give your child time constraints to play. You should in this case firmly and let your child play the cool gadgets too. If you leave your child, so that there is more addictive, especially if a gadget that you provide support for many games and other features that are qualified. Then your child will be difficult for these gadgets regardless.

2. Give Alternative toys
Give a toy doll or toy car alternatives for example. Basically in this less effective way, but at least your child still has some options that could toy to be played. Also, if you see a lot of friends out of the house, let him play with them as long as it’s not harmful.

3. Take your time for a child
If you want the child not addicted gadget then it is good that you take the time to play with the child. You need to know one of the reasons why you chose to play the gadget because you feel alone and less attention from the parents. So, not always busy at work, but take the time for a small one.

4. Let your child play outside
In general, most parents don’t want the little one to play outside the house. In fact, they have a good cause, that is to say, that they want to protect children from the bad things that will overwrite it. Like calling from your friends who are less good, less good talk, dreading your dirty clothes and many others. But it’s good that you gave it a try, even if just a bit to play outside the house as well as not to solitude and certainly can be forgotten for a moment with the gadgets.

5. Limiting the use of the Internet in the home
Basically it is no longer new if parents put an internet connection at home that makes them easy to access the Internet. But you need to know that you can also make your child addicted to gadgets. An easy connection to the Internet that you get will support the action to promote Your love life of cyberspace. Then it’s no wonder if your son will be indifidualis entrenched in the Internet play room. So it should be to limit the use of Internet networks out of your needs.

6. SIBUKAN Time activities for children
The longer your child belongs, then it will be more and more opportunities to feel bored. When I was tired so the kid would tend to choose to play the gadget. From there, the child will feel addictive and difficult to cultivate. Then there is no harm in giving the bustle that is useful to your child, such as: Les Sing, piano lessons, English tutoring and so on.

7. Discuss your kids
The most effective way to eliminate gadget addiction is to discuss your children. Explain to your child why you are limiting the use of gadgets, tell them it’s only for your benefit. In addition, you should give the logical understanding to them if you have an addiction with gadgets then it would have a lot of impact posed, for example: Acupuncture, indifidual which would later complicate life in the future.

8. Invite your child to play to identify the universe
When you don’t have jobs in your office then there is no harm in inviting your kids to the streets in the afternoon. Definitely enjoying beautiful views around the house or anywhere you felt wonderful when the night arrives. That way they will forget momentarily of Gadgetnya, because Cool enjoy a very pleasant natural landscape.

9. Give your child a spirit or a reword
Give the child motifasi when it can be handled to decrease the amount of gadgetnya play frequency. Give a gift in the stages, so that your child will have a strong desire to be less intense gadget game.

10. Bring your child to socialize with peers
It could be the gadget game because there is no activity playing with the fun with the companions. After parents need to invite children to play their classmates, you can invite friends home or you could take it to a visit to your best friend’s home at school. With a lot of friends so you will have a new and busy life you can forget with Gadgetnya.

So the discussion on how to eliminate children addicted to gadgets. It can be beneficial.

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